Appleby Primary School 1944

Posted 30th September 2010 by Admin & Contributed by: John Tallentire
Newsletter Vol: 91, September 2010

I was living at High Griseburn at Great Asby, which is 3 miles out of the village so I cycled to Asby to catch the bus (Robinson’s Coaches?), driven by Gally from Asby, to Appleby via Ormside.

I was 12½ years old and in the first intake from Asby school. Mr Clarkson was the teacher of Senior 2. There were 8 girls and 30 boys in Senior 2. Mr Clarkson only had one hand and was a good teacher. Mr Joe Salkeld, from Murton, was the teacher of Senior 3. Mr Chapman was Head teacher. Miss Thornton was mistress of Senior 1 (did she teach singing?). Mr Ward taught woodwork.

We played football and cricket but this was not a weekly event. We had an hour for our lunch break and walked down to Centre 67 for our lunch, in a ‘crocodile’, supervised by our form teacher but we walked back on our own. It was a set meal for each day of the week. We had mince and potatoes with one seasonal vegetable and rice pudding. Fridays meant chocolate sponge with burned custard. Grammar school pupils had their lunch in Centre 67 after we had left. There was strict rationing and we appreciated a good, hot meal. Whilst attending Asby school before coming to Appleby I had to carry my sandwiches and gas mask and identity card and walk the 3 miles to school.