29 November 2012: Christmas Special “A Night to Remember”

Posted 28th February 2013 by Val Kendall
Newsletter Vol: 103, February 2013

“Isn’t that Jack……?”, “That shop used to be……” echoed round the Public Hall Supper Room recently. The event was Appleby-in-Westmorland Society’s Christmas Special, when the slide show traditional on such occasions was augmented by moving pictures. The theme of the slide show, compiled by Brian Holmes with commentary by Rosemary Spence, was Royal celebrations from Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897 to a visit by Princess Mary The Princess Royal in the 1950s. The images on the DVD were converted from the video conversion of a Gordon Wood cine film of Appleby scenes and events and included various parades showing the Castle, St Anne’s and Fair Hill from the very early days of film. It was a night for anniversaries. With the confidence of one who neither looks nor acts his years, Chairman Ian Campbell was happy to admit to being 80 that very day. The obligatory cake with token candle was duly presented by Society Secretary Vivenne Gate.