There's Trouble Oop T'ill

Posted 22nd May 2016 by R I Campbell

We found this as a loose typescript in the Archive; it shows that there has often been dispute about the fair ground at Gallows Hill (shown above)!

From a copy of "The Newcastle Chronicle" of Saturday June 22nd, 1776
(found in the office of G and B A Heelis, Solicitors, Appleby)

Township of Bondgate, within the Manor of Appleby, in the county of Westmorland

There's Trouble Oop T' ill Whereas an advertisement hath lately been published in one of the Newcastle Papers, and a printed paper hath been dispersed been dispersed wherein a Parcel of Ground within the township and Manor aforesaid, called Gallow-Hill, otherwise Gallows-hill "and sayed to be "/is within the Borough and Corporation of Appleby, in the said county; and that a Shew of Cattle, Horses and Sheep would be annually held thereon; in which advertisement and printed paper the words (within the Borough and Corporation of Appleby) have been falsely inserted, with an artful design that the same may be produced at some future time as Evidence of a Right which ever existed , to the Prejudice of the Owners thereof: For Preventing thereof, Notice is hereby given, that the aforesaid Parcel o Ground is a considerable Distance from the said Borough and Corporation of Appleby and is not within the same, but lies in the Township of Bondgate, within the Manor of Appleby, and is the property of the Right Honourable Sackville, Earl of Thanet Island, Lord of the said Manor and several other persons, in such Shares and Proportions as the same is set out and divided by the Commissioners appointed in an Act of Parliament for dividing and inclosing the Commons and Waste Grounds within the Borough of Appleby, in the county of Westmorland, who, for the Convenience of the Public, have permitted their shares to lie open, that a Shew of Cattle, Horses and Sheep might be holden thereon. Dated this 12th of June 1776

The words "sayed to be" are in handwriting believed to be that of Thomas Heels Esquire of Appleby Castle, the then Steward of the manor of Appleby and Agent of the Earl of Thanet.