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Judge Travels To Court by Boat

Posted 5th April 2016 by Maggie Clowes

It never came to this but it was the nightmare of one local councillor after a decade of severe flooding. The Westmorland Gazette reporter in the early years was dismissive of the harm done. In 1851 he wrote, “No great amount of damage”; the corporation would not have agreed - the new trees they had planted by the river were swept away. He must have come back in 18…


Perhaps 1968 Wasn't the Worst Flood!

Posted 17th March 2016 by Maggie Clowes

Read the full account which appeared in the Westmorland Gazette on February 23rd 1822. WESTMORLAND GAZETTE Sat Feb 9 1822 (referring to Feb 2 1822) "FLOOD Appleby was almost completely inundated by the flood on Saturday last; and the damage which the awful element has done is almost incalculable. About one o’clock in the afternoon the river began to overfl…


Floods In Appleby 1771-2015

Posted 8th March 2016 by R I Campbell

Maggie Clowes has compiled this list of when Appleby has been affected by floods in the last 200 years or so. We keep coming across occasions that are poorly reported so this may not be a definitive list. A much fuller article is in preparation. How Frequently has Appleby been Flooded? As part of our on-going research into historic flooding of Appleby we thou…


Old Applebeians to 1887

Posted 13th February 2016 by David Lowis

Introduction It is not known at what date a school first existed in Appleby. Although Appleby Grammar School was granted its Elizabethan charter on 25 March 1573/74, it is clear from other sources that a school had existed in Appleby much earlier. In 1535 the Valor Ecclesiasticus states that ‘the chantry or grammar school’ is worth yearly £4.11.3. An indenture dated 25 …


Research into Burton Hall

Posted 1st February 2016 by Ian Campbell

Some time ago, I came across a reference to "Burton Hall", in the vicinity of Appleby. I discovered it was once an establishment between Hilton and Warcop. It was destroyed by the Army post-WWII to clear the site for training, but the outlines of some fishponds remain. A sympathetic Colonel rescued the gateway to the hall and got his chaps to re-erect it in Warcop churc…


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