Table Top Sale 25 October 2015

Posted 30th November 2015 by Val Kendall
Newsletter Vol: 114, November 2015


For some years now, the twice-yearly Table Top Sale run by Judith Sowerby of the Appleby-in-Westmorland Society has been a feature of the local scene.

Among the fourteen stalls at last month’s event at the Bowling Club were several of the regulars. Action Medical Research was again to benefit from the money raised by the mother and son team of Ann and David Johnson, who had a fog machine on offer to anyone clear-sighted enough to pay ten pounds. Ann Preston-Green and Yvonne Collins displayed a Christmas branch hung with perfumed felt decorations. Longstanding Society stalwarts Bob and Mandy Burns had a large collection of Royal commemorative china on sale as well as plants and fir cones in Christmas colours. The china theme was echoed by Georgia Charnley, who said she was having a good day with her display of Beswick and Crown Derby, together with First World War mementoes, jewellery and watches. Taking the ceramic mode one step further, Val Urwin had brought items of her own manufacture to sell, along with some vintage jigsaw puzzles. Selling surplus things due to her house move, Christine Makin planned to give any income from her stall to her grandchildren. To ensure that every corner of the hall was put to profitable use, Society Chairman Ian Campbell, partnered by Maggie Clowes, took a small corner table at the last minute.

Served by the kitchen team of Heather Hullock, organiser Judith Sowerby and Bowls Club representative Eric Dent, the tea, coffee and biscuits included in the entry fee contributed to the social side of the event, with plenty of chat among the paying customers. Other helpers were Eric Fleming, Val Kendall and Society Treasurer Rosemary Spence, who reported a healthy profit of £143.60 to contribute towards the work on the Appleby Archive.

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